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    About HuangYan
    Huangyan, the renowned"Land of Mandarin Oranges in China", has been extensively recognized as the "the origin of Chinese oranges, the source of private businessmen, and the fairy land in Southeast China featuring scenic waters and mountains". Its 988 square kms land area housing a population of 587,700 is located in the middl... Continue Reading
    Pioneering and Innovation
    Build the most promising advanced manufacturing industry base.We will adhere to the industry-based and top-brand-oriented policy in a bid to build a regional hub of advanced manufacturing industry and a base of specialty industries with national and even global influence.We will adhere to the interaction between ... Continue Reading
    Create Harmony
    Create the most attractive modern ecological city proper.Focus on the construction of natural environment, living environment and social environm... Continue Reading
    Bright Outlook
    New start-point, new prospectWith excellence orientation as the fundamental tone, involving all people in venturing and innovation as the rhythm, we will sp... Continue Reading

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